Organic Bageecha is a family of People, Plants and Animals who love Nature. We have been following Organic and Natural farming methods since more than 15 years. We believe Nature is our mother. Treat it like how you treat your mother. We adopted a sustainable life style to stay connected to it. Right from growing veggies & herbs to home decoration, plants are there in every part of our life. So our aim is to get people connected to Nature.

Climate Change ?
Farmers and Horticulturist who use chemicals end up funding the very source of Natures destruction. Use of chemicals and pesticides have polluted the Air, Water, Food, Ground Water, Rivers, Oceans directly impacting our health, threatening ecosystems and mass extinction of many species of plants and animals. This is one of the main reason that has triggered Climate change which is accelerating very fast.

What Can we do to make a difference ?
Its actually much simpler than you think . Stop paying for things that destroys Nature. Instead pay for things that support Nature. Buy organic and natural.
Most farmers in India have small portions of land. Mechanised farming is costly and hence most farmers end up in debt. In Organic and Natural farming such many equipments are not needed however is labour intensive hence generates employment. It also does not need cost mechinical equipments. So you are directly paying a Human Being for Right to Dignified Life.

Organic and Natural farmed veggies and herbs taste better and are more healthier . They do not have pesticides residue and hence safe for Us, our Children and our Environment.